Bitcoin Price – Bitfinex

The current price of BTC on Bitfinex is: 6,909.92 USD

Bitcoin (BTC) Long vs Short Distribution – Bitfinex

Bitfinex allows traders to take long and short positions across a number of tokens through margin and derivative trading tools. The long vs short data below displays total long positions versus short positions across the BTCUSD and ETHUSD markets on Bitfinex.

The below data can be useful for getting an overview of leveraged positions across the digital asset markets, as well as for predicting potential long/short squeezes.

Current Longs (BTCUSD): 23.71k

Current Shorts (BTCUSD): 8.07k

Current Longs (ETHUSD): 1.025 mil

Current Shorts (ETHUSD): 75k

Funding Rates – Bitfinex

Bitfinex lets you provide margin funding to traders across a variety of assets, allowing you to earn interest on your funds whilst choosing your own terms (rate, duration, amount).

Margin funding interest is paid to traders on a 24h basis allowing you to compound your returns on the platform.

Current BTC funding rate: 16% per annum / 0.04% per day.

BTC funding rate – 30 day average: 10.84% p.a.

BTC funding rate – 30 day maximum: 42% p.a.

BTC funding rate – 30 day minimum: 2.9% p.a.